The crucial characteristic of any voting system should be that it accurately voices the will of the people. Current systems of votng in the USA and elsewhere do a suprisingly poor job at this. There's no conspiracy at work here - the flaws in our voting system are fundamental, and, as I will show, lead inevitably to more extreme and partisan officeholders than we the people would actually prefer.

Fortunately, there is a fix - it's called range voting. Range voting is a simple and fair voting system that doesn't suffer the problems of cynical/strategic voting and the "Arrow's Impossibility Theorem" paradoxes of other voting systems.

Over time, I will develop this website to tell you more about range voting, including offering some software and documents to help you try it for your next election in your company or office. For now, however, please view the video below that explains the basic problem and the range voting solution in more detail.

New! After viewing the core range voting presentation below, please check out my Failures of Range Voting presentation. Yes, that's right - a presentation that actually describes some limitations of range voting on this pro-range-voting site! But, please by all means view the presentation below first.